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30th World LPG Forum 2017

30th World LPG Forum 2017

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Trade fairs, conferences & Business events
Country: Morocco | Posted / Last update: 30-05-2017

The World LPG Forum is THE annual global event for the LPG industry. This unique event travels the globe annually attracting key international agencies, policy makers, media and the highest level of industry leaders to explore the LPG business, discuss its growth potential and to forge new business relationships.

03-10-2017 - 05-10-2017

Marrakech, Morocco (Palais des Congrès of Marrakech)

If you only attend one event in 2017, make sure this is the one. Don’t miss your meet with all types of industry stakeholders. Alongside the conference provide all delegates and visitors with the opportunity to see the latest products and services available. The exhibition area will be a central point for all Forum participants to network, learn and develop exciting new business opportunities.

The Palais des Congrès of Marrakech is located in the city centre in the prestigious Hivernage residential district, just ten minutes’ drive from the airport and five minutes’ drive from the old city. It has an outstanding reputation and as such is a perfect venue for the Forum.

The 10th Global Technology Conference (GTC-2017) is organised as a part of the 30th World LPG Forum in Marakech and will take place on Tuesday 3rd October 2017. 
It is a half day event showcasing up to ten papers describing some of the most important and innovative technology being discovered in the global LPG industry today.

The primary aim of the GTC-2017 is to showcase the most innovative and original technological ideas from around the world and create new opportunities for the LPG industry. It brings the LPG industry together, represented by all its stakeholders, from research entities to academic partners, LPG producing companies to equipment manufacturers, LPG distributors as well as the total supply distribution chain and beyond it.

Statistics from the 28th World LPG Forum in Singapore

  • 1,500 highvalue attendee
  • 1,000 square meters of exhibition
  • 18 sponsors
  • 81 exhibiting company
  • 76 represented countries
  • 63 speakers
  • 27 media partners


Registration is now OPEN! Register online here.

Download the conference brochure.



  • #1 | 15-05-2017 | Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

    Can you please send me the conference brouchoure and tell me if there is another event that can be combined with this conference BE
  • #2 | 22-05-2017 | Katerina Sukhova

    You can download the conference brochure by clicking on the respective link in the event description. If you would like to contact the organizers to learn more details, please use the 'Contact' tab next to the 'Description' tab right under the event location.

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