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Fuel retailing networks
Country: Philippines | Posted / Last update: 02-06-2009

Founded in 1978, the SEAOIL Group of Companies was engaged in offering storage facilities for petroleum and petrochemical based products. Soon after, it rapidly expanded its operations by carving a niche in the wholesale petroleum market. A decade later, the company partnered with Paramins, at that time one of the world's leading lubricant additive supplier.

In 1996 in anticipation of the oil market deregulation, SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. was established, eventually becoming the first independent fuel player to open a retail station. Today, the SEAOIL Group of Companies employs over 600 highly motivated and skilled personnel and constitutes over 4% of the country's annual downstream oil industry.

In the short term, SEAOIL is aggressively constructing more service stations at strategic locations consistent with its aim to be the service station of choice for the A, B, C and D market segments. As a Filipino-owned company, SEAOIL has the competitive advantage in its unique perspective and understanding of the needs of the Filipino market.

As a testament to its dedication to the Filipino consumer, SEAOIL has been consistently expanding its retail station network in the country especially in underserved markets. From one station when it started retailing in 1997, SEAOIL now has over 150 stations all over the country.

In the long run, the company envisions itself to be the most omnipresent player in the oil industry in terms of retail network. The company aims to put up over 500 stations nationwide in 2011.

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