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Lanka IOC

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Country: Sri Lanka | Posted / Last update: 03-12-2010

Serving the Emerald Isle - Lanka IOC plc is an overseas venture of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India.

Lanka IOC plc is a public liability company and has been ranked as No.1 amongst corporate in Sri Lanka by LMD (Lanka Monthly Digest – a business magazine). 

LIOC holds one third share in Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd, the Common User Facility in Sri Lanka for storage and distribution of petroleum products. LIOC is making phased investments to provide world-class quality petroleum products and services for the Sri Lankan customers. With IndianOil’s vast experience in downstream petroleum operations, LIOC is in the process of creating a healthy and competitive petroleum industry in Sri Lanka for the larger benefit of the island nation.

The China Bay Tank farm, of World War II vintage, is of historic and strategic significance, being the largest tank farm located between the Middle East and Singapore. The tank farm connects to the Trincomalee harbour, which is the 5th largest all-weather, non-tidal natural harbour in the world, with a 56 km shoreline, making this tank farm most effective for fuel receipt, storage and supply. The tank farm, formerly operated by CPC, has a total of 99 tanks, each with a capacity of 12,000 kilolitres. Currently, only 15 of these tanks are operational. LIOC has invested significantly in developing the tankage and have drawn ambitious plans to make Trincomalee an important industrial site. 

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