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Alexela Oil

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Country: Estonia | Posted / Last update: 30-06-2017

Alexela – honest Estonian petrol station chain!

AS Alexela Oil was founded on the 27th of December 1993. Today more than 130 employees are part of Alexela Oil.

By today Alexela Oil has established Estonia’s one of the most dense networks of petrol stations. A well-developed petrol station chain ensures that you will never be left on the road. If the car signals you of an emptying tank you will always reach an Alexela petrol station because our petrol stations can be found from Tallinn to Valga and from Narva to Kuressaare. Alltogether there are 71 petrol stations, out of which 22 have shops.

Petrol and diesel fuel are supplied to us by internationally recognised partners and all fuels will pass an additional independent quality check.

Alexela’s greatest value is the loyal employees and large competence in the fuel business. Our mission is to offer our clients high quality goods and the best service. We give our best to get to know our clients’ needs. We develop our services and products daily and continuously invest in the systems of the company.

Alexela’s service mission is to offer simple and trustworthy solutions in the whole of Estonia, which will make the client happy and thereby also offer satisfaction to the company. Alexela’s service values are honesty, being caring, modernity and professionalism.

We like to help those who truly need help, this is why we have for years been supporting the endeavours of the least privileged and disabled people and an animal shelter. In the field of sport we have carefully selected the supported cooperation projects.

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