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Hungary’s MOL Group rolls out ‘fresh’ c-store concept

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Posted / Last update: 15-09-2015 | Author: Daniel Tuano

International oil and gas company MOL Group, in collaboration with branding agency CBX, has revamped its retail facilities to create one-stop shops for daily essentials, fuelling, car wash, and other services.

Under the “Fresh Corner” brand, the Budapest-based company expands its fuelling stations, originally offering primarily automotive needs, to convenience stores that will serve hot Fresh Corner-branded coffee and food-to-go, according to marketwired.com

The food offering is tailor-fit to local taste but at the same time consistent with the company’s system of preparation and presentation, said CBX president Joseph Bona.

Fresh Corner opened its first 28 stores in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, which are part of MOL’s network of more than 1,900 gas stations present across central and southeastern Europe.

Bona further said that the concept also aims to increase shopping frequency by providing “items that people need on a regular basis, not for a roadside emergency.”

The launching of this convenience store prototype is part of MOL’s strategy to keep up with the market trends of converting gas stations to service stations, said MOL Group Retail senior vice president Lars Höglund.

"We are transforming our pump attendants into hosts, who from now on need to think, act and behave with 100%-customer focus," said Höglund.

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