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Recycling becoming a big factor for U.S. c-stores

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 21-04-2017

Most Americans empty their thrash in the car when they stop at a gas station to fuel up, finds a new NACS survey before Earth Day.


Seven in 10 American drivers (70%) say that they use the trash can at the fuelling island to dispose of their trash from their cars, according to the results of a national consumer study on attitudes related to trash.

Convenience and fuel retailers agree with consumers: 56% say that most trash in their trash cans at the fuelling island is not generated from the store.

Both the consumer and retailer surveys were conducted by NACS, the association that represents the $550 billion convenience store industry that is also responsible for 80% of fuel sales. The association conducted both survey to gauge consumer and retailer perceptions about litter, trash and recycling leading up to Earth Day on April 22.

Consumers are continuously becoming more aware of how a convenience store looks, with 84% of those fuelling up saying cleanliness of the site is an important factor when considering whether they go inside the store to make a purchase.

“Keep your store and yard clean of litter. Your customers will respect your cleanliness and your business will grow,” said Jeff Armbruster, with Armbruster Energy Stores (Grafton, OH).

Retailers report they spend more than $600 per store per month for recycling and trash collection programs – or about $1.3 billion industry-wide on an annual basis.

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