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Bever Innovation´s “special” relationship with sheltered workplaces

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 16-05-2017

Bever Innovations discusses the benefits of partnering with two sheltered workplaces in the Netherlands that ensemble many of their LED products for gas stations.

Factory of Dethon | Bever Innovations

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The relationship between Zierikzee-based Bever Innovations and two sheltered workplaces in Zeeland (the Netherlands) is based on much more than one-sided charity, according to the Dutch LED company.

 “Employees from Dethon (Terneuzen-based) and Orionis (Vlissingen-based) assemble the units accurately and in excellent conditions within high-quality production facilities,” says Hugo Jongebreur, Benelux commercial director.

The workplace in Vlissingen works on components, while that in Terneuzen helps to assemble the complete end product. Bever Innovations, Orionis and Dethon have been working together since 2004.

Jacco de Ronde, Director of Operations and co-founder of the LED company, says Bever not only uses Dethon to assemble its products, but also involves them at a very early stage when it comes to designing its future production process.

“Sheltered workplaces have great value for people who, for whatever reason, have difficulties entering the regular employment market. On the one hand, they aim to offer employees a useful role in the labour process. On the other hand, they aim to give people with suitable skills the chance to work in normal employment settings,” explains de Ronde.

One of the key factors that make Dethon appealing is its flexibility, while the long-term orders Bever Innovation has with some customers allows them to regularly assign products to the work centre. 

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