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Spar Natural is NACS Insight´s International Convenience Retailer of 2017

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 16-06-2017

New Spanish store concept Spar Natural has been selected as the International Convenience Retailer of the Year at the NACS Insight Convenience Summit – Europe in London.

Spar International and Spar Natural on stage receiving the award for International Convenience Retailer of the Year | NACS

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In an event where the main focus was set on convenience stores turning to food services, healthy options and freshness, Spar Natural received the award for international convenience retailer of the year. The innovative Spar format, which was launched by Jesus Diaz Quintana and his family in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), sells organic food as well as cosmetics, beauty and baby products containing natural ingredients.

The NACS Insight jury appreciated the store´s focus on health and its innovative character, as Spar Natural not only acts as a retailer but also hosts an Alternative Therapy Centre that offers varied services such as naturopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Biomagnetism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The company opened a second, larger Spar Natural convenience store last April that also includes a café with healthy food, beverages and seating.

“We are delighted with the new Spar Natural concept and are already in talks to take it to other countries,” said Gary Harris, Head of brand at Spar International, at the St. Pancras Hotel in London.

Lekkerland's Frischwerk in Germany was awarded a joint second prize for its new small convenience store format, while Maxol´s M3 Mulhuddart in Ireland received the other joint second prize as a large format. Mark Wohltmann, Director of NACS Europe and presenter of the awards, said that the quality of this year´s finalists convinced them to hand out two second place prizes instead of the traditional single winner format.

The NACS Insight European Retail Technology Implementation Award went to Valora for its new app, and Germany´s Rewe To Go was presented with the NACS Insight European Sustainability Award.

Now in its fourth year, the NACS Insight Convenience Summit–Europe brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals from around the world to discuss new ideas and gain new commercial connections

*PetrolPlaza will bring more coverage of the NACS Insight Convenience Summit–Europe in the coming days

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