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Abu Dhabi's entertainment destination becomes EV hub with 22 chargers

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Posted / Last update: 17-07-2017 | Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

Yas Island has become home to Abu Dhabi’s largest cluster of electric vehicle (EV) chargers with the installation of 16 new Tesla Chargers at Yas Mall and Yas Island theme parks.

Source: Yas Island website

The Tesla chargers, which are free of charge during the opening hours of the park, are the latest addition to four BMW and Mercedes chargers and two other EV chargers.

Yas Island’s two theme parks have installed three chargers each, which includes one for UAE/EU Tesla vehicles, one for North American Tesla vehicles and one for any vehicle manufactured to the EU Electric vehicle standards.

These new chargers follow Yas Mall’s 10 Tesla electric chargers— seven of which are compatible with all types of electric vehicles—two Mercedes B Class Electric Drive chargers and two BMW I Wallbox Pro charger, alongside one Tesla charger at the Yas Viceroy Hotel, and one electric vehicle charger at the ADNOC service station on Yas Island, explained a company release.

"This reinforces Yas Island’s status as a world-class destination that is aligned with its visitors’ needs and demands, as well as the UAE’s long-term vision 2021 for Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure," said Gerardo Llanes, Executive Director, Yas Island Destination Management.

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