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QuikTrip the best valued fuel retailer in the U.S.

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 30-06-2017

QuikTrip, Costco and RaceTrac capture top marks in Energypoint Research’s latest independent gas retailers customer satisfaction survey.

Results from EnergyPoint Research’s recently completed 2017 Gasoline Retailers Survey indicate customers’ satisfaction with U.S. gasoline retailers is down from a year ago. These findings are released just as drivers hit the road for what is expected to be a record driving season. A handful of retailers saw their scores rise as customers responded to improved facilities and more attractive loyalty programs.

This year’s top overall rating again goes to QuikTrip, which won top honours in last year’s inaugural survey as well. The Tulsa-based retailer also grabbed the top overall rating in four additional top-level categories, including service quality, food and merchandise, ease of transactions and store facilities.

Costco was the survey’s No. 2 rated gas retailer, garnering top marks nationally for pricing and value. The company also rated first in several regional and specialty categories, including total satisfaction in the West. Ranking No. 3 overall in the survey was RaceTrac, which rated first in total satisfaction and service quality in the Midwest, as well as three additional categories in the Southeast and Southwest.

“In addition to lower ratings for food and merchandise nationally, satisfaction with transaction times and service quality showed declines in some of the most heavily trafficked regions of the county,” says Doug Sheridan, Managing Director of EnergyPoint Research.

Other companies rating first in total satisfaction regionally include Holiday Stationstores in the Northwest, Sheetz in the Mid-Atlantic, and Stewart’s Shops in the Northeast.

To compile this year’s rankings, EnergyPoint surveyed more than 19,000 individuals 18 to 75 years of age across the U.S.

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