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Gulf returns to Africa after over 10-year absence

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 04-08-2017 | Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

After more than a decade of absence, Gulf Oil International opens its doors once again to Africa with the unveiling of a Gulf fuel station in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Source: Gulf Oil International

This first Gulf South Africa retail fuel outlet, operated by local licensee Capital Lounge Management Services, aims to become a local meeting point and community facility like many Gulf stations around the world.

Being the model station in the country, it is intended to offer first-rate customer service and facilities such as a partner shop and a hot food outlet.

Other station openings are planned over the remainder of this year, with a steady roll out of the Gulf brand in fuel retailing in South Africa over the next five years, according to the company.

“The launch and growth of the Gulf Service Station network will raise awareness of the brand in South Africa and should also help further increase sales of Gulf Lubricants, through our regional operation, Gulf Oil Middle East Ltd,” explains GOI New Business Manager, Paul Stannard.

“The opening of this station will also attract more dealers to take on the brand and will be of great assistance in finding and opening other Gulf networks in Africa,” Stannard added.

Gulf's return to the continent is part of the oil company's major global expansion programme in both fuel and lubricants.

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