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Foot traffic at gas stations up in Q2, says latest study

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 28-07-2017 | Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

Visits to convenience stores and gas stations went up from April to June 30, according to a latest study conducted by location intelligence company Cuebiq and mobile app GasBuddy.

Source: Cuebiq Twitter account @Cuebiq

The study analyzed anonymous geo-behavioral patterns of GasBuddy’s app users to gain insights on frequency of station visits, fueling patterns, how long they spend at a location, and brand loyalty. 

GasBuddies visit petrol stations and c-stores once a week or more, with the last week of June being the busiest month as users geared up for the July 4 holiday.

Moreover, 74% of respondents of a recent GasBuddy survey say they stop at stations for something other than fuel. And that could be good coffee as stations with excellent coffee ratings in the GasBuddy app receive more visits (18%) than stations with below average coffee ratings (12%).

Indiana-based gas station and convenience store chain Ricker's, for the second consecutive quarter, is the most visited, capturing more than four times the industry average in visits.

GasBuddy and Cuebiq analyzed location visit data at more than 100 fuel and convenience store brands across the United States, equaling nearly 22.6 million trips, to understand foot traffic trends, provide geo-behavioral and consumer insights and identify the impact of key factors such as the customer experience, ratings and holiday travel  on POI visits.

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