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Scheidt & Bachmann and Shell start “Shell SmartPay” at German Petrol Stations

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Product news
Posted / Last update: 03-08-2017

Scheidt & Bachmann, together with Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, has implemented the new Shell SmartPay mobile payment as a technology partner and integrated it into the petrol station management system. After the first rollout phase in Hamburg and Berlin, petrol station customers throughout Germany will benefit from the innovative pay@pump solution with the smartphone.

For petrol station customers, the refuelling of their vehicles becomes even more comfortable. The entire SmartPay solution with PayPal as a payment service provider was integrated into the Shell App (former Shell Motorist App). The app uses GPS to locate where the customer is currently located. The customer authorizes themselves in the shell app with PIN or fingerprint, selects the desired fuelling point and can refuel after the fuelling point has been released. The petrol station management system controls the release of the fuelling points, and initiates by completion of the refuelling process all subsequent steps, such as, for example, creation of the billing and transmission of a tax-relevant document by e-mail. Authorization, approval and settlement of the fuelling process are carried out automatically by the system in conjunction with Shell and the Payment Service Provider.

By integrating this mobile payment solution into the petrol station management system, the mobile-paid fuelling processes can also be tracked at any time in the fiscal-relevant settlements and can be called up in the journal. The cashier receives visual information on the POS surface, which shows them that a fuelling operation is in process, which is paid by mobile. After the fuelling process, the process is automatically recorded and the fuelling point for the use by the next customer is released.

With SIQMA Fuel & Go Scheidt & Bachmann provides the entire petrol station industry a standard mobile payment solution that simplifies and accelerates refuelling operations for the customer and thus offers a benefit for all involved especially at peak times (higher customer throughput for operators, less waiting times for customers, etc.) In addition, SIQMA Fuel & Go also offers petrol station operators the option of opening their stations in unmanned operation overnight, enabling customers to authorize via an app with their smartphone and to release the desired fuelling point for fuelling similar to today's OPT or CRID operations. Scheidt & Bachmann cooperates with various payment providers such as Paydirect in the e-commerce area or the implementation of fleet cards with the WEAT, and is therefore in a position to offer a suitable solution for every petrol station brand. SIQMA Fuel & Go can be integrated into any app of petrol station operators and can be operated at the petrol stations with Scheidt & Bachmann systems without additional hardware on site. The customer data remains in the hands of the respective oil company.

In principle, the SIQMA Fuel & Go interface can also be integrated into other 3rd Party petrol station management systems using a standard API.

Contact data of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH

Breite Straße 132
41238 Mönchengladbach
Contact phone: +49 2166 266 321
Contact fax: +49 2166 266 341

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