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EI - Energy Institute

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International & national organisations
Country: United Kingdom | Posted / Last update: 24-07-2013

The Energy Institute (EI) is the professional body for the energy industry, delivering good practice and professionalism across the depth and breadth of the sector.

A membership organisation, incorporated by Royal Charter in 2003, the EI supports over 16,000 individuals and 250 companies across 100 countries, serving society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters. The EI is licensed by the Engineering Council (UK) to offer Chartered, Incorporated and Engineering Technician status to engineers, the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist status, and also licensed by the Society for the Environment to award Chartered Environmentalist status.

The purpose of the EI is to develop and disseminate knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safer, more secure and sustainable energy system. In fulfilling this purpose the EI addresses the depth and breadth of energy and the energy system, from upstream and downstream hydrocarbons and other primary fuels and renewables, to power generation, transmission and distribution to sustainable development, demand side management and energy efficiency.

The strategic aims of the EI are:

  • To promote the role, status and contribution of energy professionals in society and maintain professional standards
  • To equip energy professionals with tools to enable their positive contribution to society
  • To ensure the availability of good quality energy education and learning provision  
  • To provide a forum for debate to facilitate the development and dissemination of energy knowledge and good practice
  • To enhance public understanding of energy resources and their role in society

Offering learning and networking opportunities to support career development, the EI provides a network to all those studying or working in energy, and a scientific and technical reservoir of knowledge for the industry.

The EI was set up in 2003 as a result of a merger between the Institute of Petroleum (IP) and the Institute of Energy (InstE). Both Institutes had a proud and distinguished heritage developed over many years supporting their particular energy sectors. Increasingly these sectors have converged, creating an integrated global energy market which has been mirrored by the development of the Energy Institute - established to address both the depth and breadth of the subject.

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