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PRA - Petrol Retailers Association

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International & national organisations
Country: United Kingdom | Posted / Last update: 05-07-2012

The PRA, independent Petrol Retailers Association, is part of RMI Petrol and represents about 40% of the UK’s independent forecourt operators. The members also operate convenience retail outlets and motorway service areas.

The PRA is committed to helping members run their businesses legally and more profitably, and to adapt to new challenges in the market through advice and support, representation and high-profile campaigning.

The PRA independent Petrol Retailers Association is the only trade association representing the requirements of all types of independent forecourt owners in the UK. Forecourt retailing is one of the UK's most regulated industries with onerous penalties for non compliance, therefore having the PRA participate in drafting new or replacement legislation and regulations is critical in protecting the interests of individual businesses.

Members get a range of specifically tailored and cost-saving benefits such as specific insurance (including environmental cover), reduced banking costs, including credit and debit card transactions, equipment discounts, free legal helpline and free general advice helpline.

The PRA’s objective is to make sure the cost of membership is outweighed by the savings available from participating in the benefits programme. It delivers a series of Regional Business Forums annually to brief members on key issues and provide expert guidance on day-to-day problems.

A strong relationship with the media allows the PRA to keep the industry and the many issues it faces in the public eye. And finally, many members join the PRA to give them access to face-to-face discussions with other retailers.

The PRA also owns and operates BigOil.net, our own petrol pricing and forecasting product – helping to save thousands of pounds and provide peace of mind for independent forecourt operators across the UK.

PRA also runs a number of free meetings and exhibitions across the country and members receive the Auto Insight magazine, free every month.

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