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SloanLED Celebrates 60 Years of Lighting Excellence + Global Sales Team Expansion

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Company publications
Posted / Last update: 10-03-2017

Publisher: SloanLED
Issued language: English

SloanLED, leaders in LED technology for 60 years, today announces new hires in North America and internationally, strengthening the company’s position in the LED industrial and commercial lighting space. Several positions are newly created and others are new hires fulfilling existing roles—driving new focus and fresh sales approaches. 

In the U.S., Jamie Hampshire has been named Regional Manager, Central U.S., for SloanLED lighting systems business units. Jamie has six years in lighting, previously managing strategic accounts for Cree, Inc. and OSRAM Sylvania. Jamie is based in Dallas, TX. 

Scott Hassler is Territory Manager, Southeast U.S., for SloanLED sign business units. Scott comes to us with 17 years of sales experience and a strong distribution focus previously working for ThinkSign and Eastern Metal Supply. Scott is based in Charlotte, NC. 

In Canada, Susan Svotelis has been appointed Canadian Sales Manager for both sign and lighting business units. Susan has 30 years of sales and business development experience in the signage, décor, and store fixture industries, and is a Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE). Prior to joining the SloanLED team, Susan held Senior Sales Executive and Director positions with Pattison Sign Group, Transworld Signs, Enseicom and ESP (Ébénisterie St‑Patrick). Susan is based in Montréal, QC. 

In South Africa, Hans van Rooyen is Regional Territory Manager for the SADC region. Hans has nearly 20 years of experience in the lighting and signage industries, managing the specifications for several global accounts. Hans is based in Johannesburg, ZA. 

“Each of SloanLED’s new hires bring impressive LED lighting sales experience to the company. We know this expertise will advance and solidify SloanLED light solutions in the areas needing them most,” said Ervin L. Cash, SloanLED’s President and Chief Executive Officer. ”The relationships, expertise, and excitement our new team members have infused into SloanLED are being seen in new sales and unique business opportunities. This strategic national and international positioning aligns well with our mission to anticipate customer needs, deeply understand applications, and deliver innovative solutions.” 

SloanLED has also strategically partnered with the following Petroleum Manufacturer Representative Groups in order to successfully navigate within the industry: Advanced Petroleum Systems (APS), Inc.; Merthan Enterprises, Inc.; Porter and Associates, Inc.; P&G Marketing and Associates; R.C. Ford and Associates; R & D Marketing; and T & D Sales—providing comprehensive national coverage and service for the petroleum industry. Dave Burgoon, National Sales Manager – Petroleum, will lead this group.

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5725 Olivas Park Dr.
Ventura, CA 93012
United States
Contact phone: +1 805 676 3200
Contact fax: +1 805 676 3206

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