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PetrolPlaza RSS feeds

PetrolPlaza headlines are now available for download via RSS feeds. RSS is a technology that allows your computer to automatically grab the latest headlines straight from our website and deliver them to your computer or pda. You will need to use an RSS Reader in order to view the content of our RSS feeds. Most new generation web-browsers and email programmes offer RSS readers as a standard. Simply add the PetrolPlaza RSS URL to your reader to download the headlines.

Not sure about RSS yet? Following just a few of  your benefits:

  • Get the headlines to your computer as soon as they're available.
  • Just scan the headlines in your RSS Reader in just a few seconds and find out easily which subjects is of interest to you.
  • Use the filters in your RSS Reader to make sure you never miss a story about your company, customer or competitor.

To view a PetrolPlaza RSS feed in your RSS Reader:

  • Copy the URL below that corresponds to the topic that interests you.
  • Paste the URL into your reader.

Available RSS feeds from PetrolPlaza

Below, you will find the list of RSS News feeds available from PetrolPlaza. By accessing the RSS feeds, you agree to the terms of use as set below.

Category Copy URLs to RSS reader
News http://www.petrolplaza.com/news/RSS
Events http://www.petrolplaza.com/events/RSS
Publications http://www.petrolplaza.com/publications/RSS
Research & case studies http://www.petrolplaza.com/research/RSS
Buyer's guide http://www.petrolplaza.com/buyersguide/RSS
Fuel retailers http://www.petrolplaza.com/fuelretailers/RSS
Organisations http://www.petrolplaza.com/organisations/RSS
Who's Who http://www.petrolplaza.com/whoswho/RSS
Jobs & Business partners http://www.petrolplaza.com/jobs/RSS
Explore PetrolPlaza http://www.petrolplaza.com/explore/RSS
Technology corner http://www.petrolplaza.com/technology/RSS

Please NOTE: This list will periodically be updated to include additional topics.

Terms of Use

RSS is a free service offered by PetrolPlaza to individuals for non-commercial use. Any other uses, including the incorporation of advertising into or the placement of advertising associated with or targeted towards the RSS content, are strictly prohibited. You must use the RSS feeds as provided by PetrolPlaza, and you may not edit or modify text, links or images. The RSS service may be used only with tools, where a functional link to the full article on the PetrolPlaza.com site is made available.

To request permission for a particular use not permitted by these terms of use, please contact petrolplaza@com-a-tec.de.

Right to discontinue RSS feeds:
PetrolPlaza reserves the right to discontinue providing any of the RSS feeds at any time and without prior announcement. PetrolPlaza assumes no liability for any of your activities in connection with the RSS feeds offered.


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