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Application of directive 2009/137/EC - best practice proposal for MI-005 petrol station instruments

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Technology corner
Posted / Last update: 11-05-2013

Publication: PetrolPlaza Technology Corner
Issued: December 2012
Author: API, CECOD study group


The information contained in this document is provided as is and corresponds to the best knowledge available. It is the CECOD study group work to build a common understanding without disclosing any proprietary information or know-how.

CECOD assumes no responsibility due to any misuse of this information, and takes no responsibility on any consequences. It is the responsibility of the person or company using this document to endorse fully the design of their products, processes and services.

It is the responsibility of the person or company using this document to check for any legal issue such as (list is not limitative)

- Liability

- Compliance to applicable directives and laws

- Patent infringement

- H&S issues for public and workers

- Consequences of design, check procedure and quality controls

In this specific MID/National approach, this document tries to bring the best non regressive practice proposal to the EU community of member states, to soften the “real life market” of petrol stations in the union, and remove the restrictive/obstructive consequences of MID versus market reality and existing instruments already in service or put to market before MID introduction.

The use of this document is only allowed if person or company using this document fully takes ownership of legal and commercial responsibility of resulting study, product, service, and will not seek any liability of CECOD. The person or company also takes all and any necessary steps to prevent any liability to CECOD.

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