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Jubilee 35th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals

Opatija, Croatia

Last update:

We hereby inform you that the jubilee 35th International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals is postponed to new date:  from 21st of October 2020 to 23rd of October 2020 due to the new circumstances of the spread of coronavirus in Europe. The venue of the event remains the same – the Congress Center of the Grand Hotel Adriatic, Opatija, Croatia.

In October this year everything should be ready for the arrival of FSRU vessel to LNG terminal location on the island of Krk, so we hope that it will be suitable to organize a technical visit to the site of this important gas project of strategic interest of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.

One of the largest international natural gas conferences and exhibitions in Central and Southeast Europe will gather 600 distinguished gas and energy experts and high-ranking managers from 240  gas  companies, 60 speakers and 45 exhibitors from 20 countries.

The Congress will cover a series of current topics important for the gas and energy industry and which extends along the entire natural gas chain, as well as crucial issues which will determine development of the natural gas market in the near future.

Conference topics:

  1. Invited presentations and panel discussion: „Natural gas as a geopolitical factor of energy transition“
  2. "Renewable gas as a prerequisite for achieving decarbonisation and the future role of gas in the european energy transition“
  3. Introductory presentations and panel discussion: „Current development and prospects of the future natural gas exploration and production“
  4. "Strategic gas infrastructure development in Europe"
  5. "Smart technologies, innovations and transfer of technologies and their role in the gas industry"
  6. "Development potentials of LNG terminals and their role in the future European gas infrastructure"
  7. Introductory presentations and panel discussion: "Current situation and trends on the natural gas market and future expectations“
  8. Introductory presentations and panel discussion: "Future development of CNG, LNG and LPG powered transport"
  9. "Issues related to the distribution and consumption of natural gas in terms of efficiency and security of the gas system
  10. "Legislation, technical regulations, rules of the profession and consumer rights in the gas sector“
  11. Poster session on various topics related to the gas and energy industry

For more information, visit our website and contact the organizers at +385 1 6189 590.


Congress Center of Grand Hotel Adriatic
M. Tita 200

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