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dK-LED: The global supplier for the Duo Colour LED Stripe

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Have you already noticed the new Duo Colour LED Stripe at Shell petrol stations? Introduced in November 2017, there are already more than 30 km installed in over 20 countries worldwide.

"When we got involved in the Shell signing business with a globally operating partner in 2017, we found that they were looking for a LEAN version of the canopy fascia" as Peter de Kever, owner of dK-LED, explains. "When I was shown a new LEAN version of the fascia which only lit up red, I immediately thought of many other brands that are lit red on the canopy fascia.” That is how it started. He came up with the concept idea very easily, but getting to a final and approved patented product took a bit more time.


It all started with an idea for Shell. Within a few weeks after the idea was born, dK-LED was able to come up with the first sample. A team within dK-LED started testing and showed the idea to a global engineer from Shell. As the first impression of the product was positive the team began with the fine tuning of the product.

After installing three successful pilot sites in July 2017 dK-LED came to an agreement with Shell and started up the production.

A new product should also bring benefits when it is replacing another product. Some key benefits of our Duo Colour LED Stripe compared to the former bar are:

  • The look and feel stays true to the existing RVIe brand identity; 
  • It is easier to install, maintain and clean;
  • About 40% lower power usage compared to current bar and even bigger savings compared to older versions;
  • Very easy for retrofit, upgrading older installations to the Duo Colour LED Stripe;
  • Your own preferred installation company can become an Authorized Installer.


When you have an older fascia installation on the canopy, it is easy to switch to the Duo Colour LED Stripe. The upgrading can be done by simply removing the old bar, installing a red ACM which also covers most of the holes and installing the new Duo Colour LED Stripe on top. Removing the old bar takes more time than installing the ACM and Duo Colour LED Stripe together.

dK-LED even has a concept where you can upgrade a fascia with the old Shell letters (RVI1) to the RVIe look without replacing the complete fascia.

More Duo Colour

After a two-year period and supplying over 30km Duo Colour LED Stripe, dK-LED is certain of the proven quality of its product and ready to go public.

Besides the red and yellow colour combination, there are many more combinations possible. At this moment they are looking at other brands and markets to help visualize their brand.

Single colour LED solution makes a two colour fascia in the dark lit only one colour. The look and feel of a single colour lighting system becomes general and easily mistaken with the look of a competitor who is using the same colour light.

“Make sure to stand out in the crowd and don’t be like the rest.”

What’s next

dK-LED is continuously working on improvements and new innovations regarding LED-lighting and maintenance. In the world of IoT, communicating devices and fixtures will be the future, upgrading the service level and satisfying customers.

If you are interested in our products, please send us a message through the contact form or give us a call.

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