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English Español PetrolPlaza Talks #2: Cybersecurity & Data protection

The second episode of PetrolPlaza Talks gathered industry experts to discuss the need to implement secure systems and safe payment methods to ensure the safe operation of modern, connected energy stations.

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Peter Varga (MOL Group), Mirko Spagnolatti (Ingenico Group | IFSF), and Neil Douglas (Network ROI) discussed cybersecurity, hackers and secure payments on this episode.   Most hackers attacking the fuel retail industry seek a monetary benefit by either getting a payment or selling credit card information in the dark web. They are becoming more specialized and retailers need to be on the lookout.

There is a number of areas that are open to attacks depending on the facility and connectivity. Public WiFi is clear danger, integration between systems could lead to supply chain attacks. Neil Douglas also points to the insider threat from employees.

Peter Varga discussed the cyber-attack suffered by INA Group, Croatia’s biggest oil and retailing company, which is part of Hungary’s MOL Group, in February of this year. For large chains such as INA’s it is difficult to identify which sites have been affected by an attack.

In addition to the security issues around management of sites, payment data is extremely valuable for attackers and has increasingly become a bigger target, according to Mirko Spagnolatti.

All panellists agree that more industry education needs to take place to convince players to be aware of the dangers and to make sure they have a safe systen.   


Peter Varga – Chief Information Security Officer, MOL Group

In recent years, Peter Varga has been working for CEE largest integrated oil company MOL as Group CTO and CISO, responsible for IT delivery, innovation, strategy and security across 42 countries and managing a team of 400. His wide experience includes multiple industries such as finance, banking, hospitality and retail.

Mirko Spagnolatti – Business Development Director, Ingenico Group | Executive Committee, IFSF 

Mirko Spagnolatti is specifically in charge of the petrol retail business in Europe, covering the payment infrastructures and payment solutions needs of the complex environment. Additionally, IFSF is a forum of international petroleum retailers with the common objective of harmonisation of equipment interconnectivity and communication standards.

Neil Douglas – IT Consultancy Director, Network ROI

Neil Doublas is very passionate about information and cyber security, with over twenty years of IT experience across multiple sectors. Edinburgh-based Network ROI install, maintain and support essential business technology for successful organisations throughout the UK.

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