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Tanknology partners with licensees to deliver Industry-Standard Forecourt services around the world

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At Tanknology Inc., we believe in partnerships. Licensing one of our technologies provides benefits that go far beyond a typical manufacturer-licensee relationship. As a technology company that has set global standards in Forecourt testing, we are committed to the same caliber of complete, continuous support to our partners.

“We view our licensees as true partners in their markets – and we treat them as partners every step of the way,” said Ignacio Allende, Vice President of the International Division for Tanknology Inc. “In our licensing model, our licensees’ success translates into our own success, so we do everything possible to support them.”

Tanknology Inc., based in Austin, Texas in the United States, is the worldwide leader in Forecourt testing services. The company’s VacuTect® and SureTest® underground storage tank testing systems are the standards for major oil companies around the globe.

Tanknology was founded more than 27 years ago, as federal EPA regulations were creating the fuel system compliance testing market in the United States. Tanknology has since conducted more than 2 million precision tests on USTs worldwide. The company has regional offices serving all 50 states in the U.S. and utilizes independent licensees throughout the world.

“Currently, our 23 licensee partners span the globe,” Allende said. “While we have a number of countries well covered by successful licensees, there remain many parts of the world with tremendous opportunity for new licensees.”

Tanknology’s testing and inspection technologies that are currently available to licensees include the VacuTect vacuum acoustic  and SureTest volumetric tank testing systems, PetroScope® and TankCam® remote video tank inspection systems and Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing. 

Allende described the key elements of a licensing program with Tanknology:

  • The Brand: Tanknology licensees are not only purchasing equipment, they’re licensing the Tanknology brand for use in their country. Some licensees use the Tanknology name as their own name, such as Tanknology Australia and Tanknology Ltd (UK); while others incorporate the company’s services into their own existing brand. Either way, the powerful Tanknology brand offers leverage recognized around the world as the premiere solution for Forecourt testing services.
  • Training and Support: Licensees receive extensive training and ongoing support. Upon start-up Tanknology provides technical training, either at the headquarters facility in Austin and/or on-site in-country, as technicians begin working with the systems in the field. On-site training is provided for weeks – not days – as Tanknology is committed to ensuring that licensee’s technicians are proficient in the operation of their testing systems. Follow- up support and assistance is then provided via phone and electronically to assist through the entire learning curve. Spare and replacement parts are handled with priority, typically shipping out within one or two days.
  • Market Sales Support: Tanknology helps its licensees target and sell to key customers in their markets, including a free visit to assist in launching their services. Typically, Tanknology’s well-known brand and reputation around the world can be leveraged with key multi-national customers who have a presence in the licensee’s country. The company’s extensive marketing materials are also available for licensees to utilize in their selling efforts.
  • A Network of Successful Licensees: A Tanknology licensee is part of the company’s international family, which includes many companies with years of success as a Tanknology licensee. They meet as a group, typically in conjunction with the annual National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) conference in the US and also at international events. In some cases, licensees participate in projects that cross borders, involving multiple countries.
  • A Partnership: Tanknology doesn’t don’t make their money on the sale of equipment. The company sells equipment to licensees with minimal mark-up, as experience has proven that true success comes over time. “We don’t make money until our licensees do,” Allende said. “Our success relies on their success in their markets, which then rewards us with small testing royalties as the testing business grows.”

“We view our licensees as true partners in our company’s success,” Allende said, “and we support them accordingly. We have several licensees who have been with us for 10, 15, or 20 years – and that’s a result of our ongoing commitment to their success, in their home markets. Their success is how we all win.”

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