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Efficient Maintenance for retail industry with branch networks

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Efficient Maintenance for retail industry with branch networks

OMV Group was looking for a new system to manage the maintenance of the filling stations in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. At the time of the tender, approximately 70,000 faults per year were being reported for all three countries. Around 50 percent of these faults were handled on the basis of flat-rate maintenance contracts; the rest were handled on a one-off basis, which meant that quotations had to be obtained, compared and accepted for approximately 35,000 faults reports.

Software was needed to manage these enormous maintenance requirements. The aim was to use a software program for Bulgaria and Serbia for the first time and replace the existing software in Romania. The new maintenance software had to meet some demanding requirements:

  • It should be possible to use the software quickly and economically at all filling stations in all three countries (more than 700 filling stations in total)
  • The filling station partner should be able to report faults easily and quickly
  • The MHD (maintenance help desk) should be able to assess and coordinate the fault easily
  • It should be possible for the fault reports to be forwarded automatically to the maintenance contractor
  • The software should have a quotation/order management function for one-off maintenance jobs
  • It should also be possible to save the most important documents in the system and organize them with a document management function
  • It should be possible to easily create a detailed report for all incidents in all countries

In addition to developing an independent workflow tailored to the specific needs, OMIS had to be adapted for use in several countries in order to meet the requirements for such a software program. An important aspect was therefore to make the system multilingual, since OMIS had only ever been supplied in German until that point. Furthermore, the software had to unite all countries – i.e. all independent OMV country subsidiaries (including Austria) – under one roof in order to enable transnational operations.

The necessary data, such as property lists, equipment and contractor data, was imported as the basis. In addition, import templates were defined and then completed by all involved parties (OMV, contractors, filling station partners). These structured preparations would allow the tool, which was being specially developed for OMV, to automatically import the data and store it in the system.

The various workflows were developed in several workshops, with the aim of automating and vastly simplifying the existing processes in the event of an incident. On this basis, we were able to adapt the system to the customer's exact requirements. After this adaptation work was complete, the key user (sales support staff, asset technicians and contractors) in the different countries were trained and familiarized with the system. An extensive test phase then took place at around ten filling stations in every country. The intuitive GUI completely removed the need to train more than 700 filling station partners, which accelerated the implementation process enormously.

After successful conclusion of the test phase, the system was put into operation at all filling stations within the network.

Advantages of using OMIS:

  • OMIS is web-based, which means no software has to be installed
  • OMIS records and manages all existing assets (buildings, facilities, devices)
  • OMIS transparently controls all existing maintenance contracts
  • OMIS works with an automated workflow and automated information distribution
  • OMIS enables simple management of all legal and/or preventative inspections
  • OMIS is a central online document management system for plans, official documents, inspection certificates, etc.
  • OMIS supports reinvestment decisions

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