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Helping Family Express perk up profits

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Here’s how the Franke FoamMaster™ turned coffee sales around at Family Express – a 60-unit chain of convenience stores in Valpariaso, Indiana, USA.

For several years, Family Express had been experiencing a decline in coffee sales – a decline due to a major shift in consumer attitudes. Their target markets (Millennials (18-34 year olds) and females) were no longer happy with ‹ok› or ‹alright›. They wanted their hot and cold beverages to be coffee shop quality. For «Family Express» delivering an outstanding espresso experience – as good or better than a coffee house – became their key strategy.

Gus Olympidis, Family Express Founder and CEO told us, «Unless the quality was superb a discriminating espresso consumer would not fall in love with it.» Thankfully, «Family Express» discovered the Franke FoamMaster™.

«With an espresso program like FoamMaster™, you’ll see increased coffee sales, higher margins and more people in store. »

Gus Olympidis, Founder and CEO Family Express supported their Franke FoamMaster™ strategy: «The touch screen was a major reason why we went with FoamMaster™. We knew it would appeal to a younger audience.»

Now that Family Express could rely on a premium coffee machine, they were able to raise their $0.99 cup to $1.19. As Gus says, «Retailers go through hundreds of thousands of cups a year, so an  increase of 20 cents is a lot of zeros.»

The FoamMaster™ uses a simple one-step process to provide cafe-quality drinks time after time – no barista needed! And every cup uses freshly ground beans and fresh milk. The elegant touch screen menu offers dozens of coffee creations, from a classic Caramel Mocha to an Iced Latte  Macchiato. Every choice is operated at the touch of a button and allows each customer to easily create unique drinks that meet their exact personal preferences.

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