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PetrolPlaza Special Cloud-based solutions: OMIS 4.0 at Südramol GmbH & Co KG

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Technical issues, which affect the availability of assets, might have a big influence of a petrol station's financial outcome. Whether the petrol pump isn’t working, the car wash doesn’t clean or the coffee maker is broken – fast response is necessary to fix these issues.

Up to now, failures were forwarded via phone or fax. Naturally, this procedure might cause different interpretations of the actual problem at hand. Such troubles can be avoided by the maintenance software OMIS.

This software solution is developed by the Austrian company Faschang Service und Management GmbH and is already in use at over 1,800 petrol stations and stores.

OMIS allows users to report technical issues online from all consumer devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and computers.

In case an asset breaks down, the petrol station operator can simply open up a new report. This is done through a user-friendly error system in which area and category of a failure are selected. The report is then automatically sent to the responsible engineer who can confirm his commission back to the system after he is finished. In addition to the pre-defined error categories, users can also upload photos and documents to a specific report. The OMIS dispatching module offers the possibility to review the current status of a report to verify whether the agreed response times are maintained. If the commission is overdue, users may also remind the responsible engineer with a simple click.

The last few months, OMIS was implemented at Südramol GmbH & Co KG, which operates 44 petrol stations under the name of “RAN”.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernd Heckelmiller, chief technical officer at Südramol, says that “with OMIS 4.0, we are able to automate a major part of our maintenance processes. This means that we can focus on increasing our quality and plant availability as well as improving our quality of assets and engineers.”

The software is not only a tool to manage assets, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure – it can also be used for saving relevant documents for authorities such as assessments, test certificate and inspection books. Hence, all documents are safely stored and can be accessed through the system at any time. This means that the module supports maintainer with their task through i.e. showing key figures, lists with all open issues or completed commissions of an asset. The petrol station operator is also supported with everyday documentation and quality management. Additional modules are available to fulfil all individual customer needs.

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