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OPW Simplifies BP Site Construction with New Fibrelite Sump and KPS Piping

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Project Overview

British Petroleum (BP) approached OPW to provide a simple fill solution for their more compact UK sites.  In response, OPW developed a new range of Fibrelite GRP below ground remote fill systems.


Due to site layout constraints, BP required a below ground remote fill with opposing pipe exit positions to ensure consistent fill layouts for tanker deliveries and simplify the installation reducing installation time and costs. Consideration was also given to the most efficient petrol pipework option.


OPW developed their existing range of Fibrelite below ground remote fill systems to incorporate a sump and offset corbel with alternate pipe exit positions in line with BP’s requirements. The new sump and corbel utilised some items from the existing product range to deliver a unique while cost effective solution. This new product was made available in line with the start of the new construction programme.

The new below ground remote fill systems are factory fitted with dual contained KPS pipework for the fills and single wall for the stage 1 vapour line. Systems are fabricated in accordance with the supplied fuels layout drawing. Pipework is terminated above a secondary contained spill container with BP specified fill caps/adaptors and vapour recovery unit.

This environmentally friendly system is supplied ready to go with the earth bonding pre-fitted and both the pipework and dual contained GRP containment system factory tested prior to shipment. Once the systems are positioned on site the pipe contractor simply makes a fusion weld connection to the pipe tails on the outside of the sump.

Installer friendly KPS petrol piping was used to connect the remote fill sumps to petrol tanks and dispenser sumps. Where connections are required, compact KPS fittings weld both walls of a double wall pipe simultaneously, reducing installation time. Conductive double wall piping ensures safety in the eventuality of sparks or leaks.


The new Fibrelite remote fill sump systems are now being specified for a number of BP’s more compact sites in the UK. These systems ensure consistent fill layouts for tanker drivers which together with KPS piping enables faster, more efficient site construction, reducing cost while creating a safe sealed system of the highest standard available. 

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