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One Of Russia’s Largest Oil Companies Switches From Steel to KPS Plastic Piping

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Project Overview

Russian OPW installer ALFA LEVL GRUP, who work with Tatneft have switched from using outdated steel pipework in installations to using KPS conductive plastic pipe with OPW shut-off valves.


The installer traditionally used steel piping in installations on sites across Russia but had begun to find working with heavy steel pipes outdated. This is due to the time installation takes, the customer was looking to move towards the now industry standard of using plastic pipe for fuelling, combined with OPW shut-off valves.



The installer ALFA LEVL GRUP presented Tatneft with KPS piping as a modern solution to steel piping, Tatneft decided to upgrade to plastic conductive piping which requires the minimum possible number of welds for this and forthcoming installations thanks to the safe, easy-install solution it provides.


Tatneft has successfully upgraded to the industry standard of using plastic pipe for fuel alongside OPW shut-off valves, they now have a long-lasting solution that reduces previous installation time and simplifies fitting for the team.

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