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English Español Aytemiz's self service project uses innovative technology from ASIS, PSensor

With the Selfservice project launched by Aytemiz, a new era has opened in customer management - its technology was developed by Asis with the artificial intelligence (deep learning) algorithms.

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Ahmet EKE, General Manager of Aytemiz, stated at Aytemiz Selfservice launch recently that after intense R&D activities they will be able to offer a price-advantageous service that will minimize the time spent at the station by customers.

Mr. EKE thanked business partners who contributed to this project and invited them to the stage to make a speech. Asis Automation General Manager, Yusuf Kaya, thanked them for their trust in Asis and stated that they were very happy to develop this project with Aytemiz. Members of the press and the fuel industry were showed how the system works. Some guests bought fuel successfully by using the Selfservice kiosk.

This project is the first Selfservice kiosk in the world with a plate recognition sensor installed. This kiosk, working as a part of station automation, is also connected to a credit card payment system and uses PSensor's artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately detect the vehicle license plate data and send it to the cash register. With this process, the customer's complex fueling process is simplified.

From January, Selfservice kiosks are available in 30 Aytemiz stations. After March they will be active in 100 sites across Turkey. This Selfservice systems will prevent the customer's ardous fuel purchasing and payment process. 

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