LAFON CLEANFILL 4G VF overfill prevention device

The only overfill prevention device that is environmentally friendly, safe and complies with the new European regulations

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LAFON has just launched its new generation overfill prevention device, CLEANFILL 4G VF, which provides better environmental protection and prevents tank overflowing during filling thereby ensuring the safety of people and property as required by the ATEX Directive.
The CLEANFILL 4G VF is currently the only commercially available overfill prevention device that complies with the EN 13616 standard, 100% vapour tight.

The CLEANFILL 4G VF inherits a long tradition: innovation, safety, environmental protection and compliance with standards have been LAFON´s guiding principles ever since Mr. LAFON invented the DUO filling limiter in 1975 which won the prize for the best French invention.

The CLEANFILL 4G VF offers numerous innovations and competitive benefits:

• ATEX Ex II 1G c IIB T6 certified: an essential requirement for equipment installed in the gas space at the top of a tank (ATEX zone 0).

• environmentally friendly, fully sealed: no gas cap escape via the unloading pipe

• hydraulic performance: highest commercially available maximum and minimum flow rates
     » 1.400 l/min top flow rate to reduce gravity unloading time in service stations and immobilisation of tanker truck on the track
» 50 l/min low triggering flow rate providing the high sensitivity required at the end of a delivery

• sealed tubular system with integrated float, no workings outside the limiter´s body which avoids any problems of interference with aspiration pipes, mechanical or electronic gauges…

• very easy fitting or removal, no need to remove manhole plate seal

• increased storage volume thanks to its compact design

• compatibility with new fuels

Globalisation means that not all commercially available products comply fully with the regulations. It is worth pointing out that these products can still be sold but must not be fitted in a zone 0!

Every business user must install an ATEX II 1G overfill prevention device in zone 0 (and not 2G) as they are legally responsible for any breach of the regulations and its consequences.

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