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English Español Repsol sets out to open a large number of petrol stations out of Spain

The oil company now has 31% of its fuel stations outside Spain - 4,849 petrol stations spread over five countries.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Repsol is committed to reducing its dependence on the retail sector in Spain in favour of other markets. According to data provided by the oil company to the CNMV, in 2018 Repsol closed 95 petrol stations in Spain and opened 235 outside the country, with Mexico as its main target.

The company now has 3,350 stations in Spain and 1,499 abroad, - 31% of its total business in the fuel retail business. The number of Repsol-branded petrol stations abroad - present in Portugal, Italy and Peru at the time - did not reach 1,000 sites five years ago.

In addition, the oil company has signed an agreement with El Corte Inglés to develop the largest network of convenience stores, targeting 350 Supercor and Stop&Go stores to be established in its network of gas stations throughout the country.

Mexico and Peru, targeted markets

Repsol's most significant bid in the foreign market is, undoubtedly, Mexico. Here the company aims to open 400 service stations over the next few years until it reaches 10% of the retail fuel sector. For the moment, the company chaired by Antoni Brufau has already opened 168 gas stations out of the foreseen target. In addition, Repsol has acquired a significant stake in the Mexican lubricants company Bardhal.

Peru is the other major market that Repsol wants to explore in-depth. The Andean country has seen the Spanish company purchased 26 service stations under the Puma brand, in addition to a total of 560 gas stations the company already owns throughout the country. In 2013, Repsol counted 354 petrol stations; today, Peru is Repsol's third largest market in terms of revenue, after Spain and the United States.

Finally, Repsol has increased the number of petrol stations in Portugal from 433 to 465, and in Italy from 202 to 306, according to Okdiario.

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