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English Español Bolivia pushes for more ethanol at the stations

Green corridors proposed through incentives that project mass use of biofuels.

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The National Agency of Hydrocarbons (ANH) has put into effect a resolution that simplifies the technical, legal and administrative requirements for the construction of service stations that sell biofuels.

The initiative is another political and technical decision to further push the use of biofuels in the country. The agency's executive director, Gary Medrano, told retailers that it constitutes an investment opportunity as the commercialization of Super Ethanol 92 grants higher margins.

The profit of service station owners for gasoline is 0.19 cents per litre, while they can make 0.26 cents on ethanol, according to the agency. The new resolution has set the goal of increasing the marketing of Super Ethanol 92 gasoline from 3 million litres a month to 12.5 million litres.

The resolution also reduces the land necessary for the construction of a site, 900m2 to 200m2, for those dispensing ethanol. Free billing software will be provided to these stations. The validity of the operating licenses for Super Ethanol 92 service stations will be extended for 3 years.

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