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English Español Thailand: PTT signs deal with Justice Ministry to help prison inmates

Drivers passing through PTT petrol stations in Thailand will soon be able to buy products made by prison inmates, the state-owned retailer confirmed.

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On Thursday, representatives from the Justice Ministry and PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc (PTTOR) signed an agreement to allow the sale of products made by inmates at stations and provide vocational training for prisoners at a ministry building, reports the Bangkok Post.  

"It is aimed at returning good people to society. An initial study will look into the possibility of selling products made by inmates, those on probation and young people under observation, at about 1,600 PTT petrol stations and about 2,400 Amazon coffee shops," Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Prajin Juntong said at the signing ceremony.

As part of the agreement, both organizations will create channels that allow for inmates about to be released and those on probation to carry out apprenticeships with PTTOR’s vast network of stores.

The one-year project would start next month and could be extended, he said.

A prototype of a PTT service station may be set up within the grounds of the Ministry of Justice to start training inmates.

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