NUPIGECO introduces its new SmartCONDUIT electro-fusion penetration fitting

The CEBE electro-fusion penetration fitting offers a simple and reliable sealing method for the insertion of SmartCONDUIT conduit into an HDPE sump. The two piece assembly allows for easy installation and positioning of the conduit inside the sump. The electro-fusion process completely welds the conduit to the sump to form a complete and permanent seal.

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• Perfect seal against ingress and egress of fluids
• Durability (30 year warranty)
• Ease of installation
• Compatibility with all HDPE sumps (PITS)
• Reduced welding area
• Superior performances if compared to traditional rubber entry fittings

SmartCONDUIT is a non-hydroscopic, impermeable composite piping system designed to contain electrical and communication cables in hazardous high groundwater or hydrocarbon-rich environments.

The polyamide liner provides a chemical barrier against hydrocarbons and facilitates the insertion of cables due to its low-friction internal surface. Amongst its main benefits are high resistance to hydrocarbon permeation, smooth internal wall, low friction coefficient, high impact resistance and high compression and collapse resistance.

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