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English Español Gas Buddy looks at how to take a customer from the canopy to the store

With in-store sales generating nearly three-fourths of gross profit, taking the customer from the pump to the store has become fundamental to any successful c-store business.

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Over 70% of consumers in the U.S. that stop to refuel at a gas station will drive away without setting foot in the store, according a new report by Gas Buddy.

The Gas Buddy report looks what makes a customer more likely to enter the shop and how to boost conversion rates.  If consumers perceive a store as dirty, boring, or unexceptional, then they’re unlikely to come inside, according to the fuel pricing company.

Store design and upkeep (82.54%), cleanliness of the fuelling area (79.70%) and quality of lighting (79.65%) were the three most important factors influencing a customer’s opinion before going inside.

Restrooms are a litmus test for overall store quality. When retailers fail to meet the need for safety and cleanliness, it casts doubt upon every aspect of their operations, especially foodservice. Apart from dirtiness, customers don’t enjoy restrooms if they are outdated or if they require a key or an access code.

With 1-in-2 customers looking at their smartphones while refuelling, connecting with them through offers and promotions in this medium can be an effective way of increasing sales. Reward programs continue to be a popular option among consumers with 70% admitting to using one. However, around 65% of them would like more freedom to spend points and savings.

GasBuddy surveyed active and engaged users in July and December of 2018 to learn more about their habits and behaviours. Total responses equalled 15,163 and 20,419, respectively.

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