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English Español South Korea lifts restriction on LPG vehicles

Until now only taxi drivers, disabled people and rental cars could use LPG cars.

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Restrictions on the purchase of LPG-powered vehicles in South Korea have been lifted by the government to improve air quality, reports The Korea Bizwire.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced Monday that the restriction that allows LPG fuel only for taxis, rental cars and vehicles for disabled people will be lifted immediately to promote use of LPG.

Until now, only certain groups could benefit from the lower prices of LPG in South Korea.

Butane, a raw material used for LPG cars, is currently priced at an average of 797.4 won ($0.70), making it around 42% cheaper than gasoline.

According to Michael Herh, writing on Business Korea, the decision to push the LPG car market has a number of negative impacts that haven’t been addressed by the government, namely a drop in tax revenue and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

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