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English Español Spain: Repsol joins C2A truck card payment network

With this alliance, C2A expands its presence on the country's main transport routes and it now counts with more than 2,300 service stations throughout Europe.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Compagnie de l'Arc Atlantique (C2A) has signed a collaboration agreement with Repsol to incorporate its service stations into the C2A Mastercard Truck card payment network.

This card allows carriers to enjoy a secure and reliable means of payment, low prices and exclusive discounts, premium services, one-stop-shop for expenses and a monthly invoice to deduct VAT and fuel taxes. No bank guarantee is required and it also includes medical and repatriation insurance.

In addition, C2A users benefit from a digital solution (MyC2A) equipped with a series of tools to facilitate their transactions in a centralized manner, such as generating account statements, invoices, expense reports, geolocating service stations and finding the cheapest fuel. C2A customers can check their accounts and balance in real time, monitor their vehicles and structure recurring payments.

Negobiter, the Spanish subsidiary of the C2A cards, will be in charge of helping users during the card application process and of resolving any doubt regarding their use.

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