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English Español UK car wash app uncovers nearly 1,000 suspected cases of modern slavery

British drivers uncovered some 900 cases of modern slavery at car wash sites in the country.

Last update:

Drivers who downloaded our ‘Safe Car Wash App’, launched last June to help raise awareness of modern slavery in hand car wash, used the app over 2000 times.

Around 41% of their reports showed a likelihood of modern slavery in the hand car wash.

The Safe Car Wash app is designed to be used by someone going to get their car washed. At the hand car wash they can open the app, logging the location of the hand car wash. They will then be taken through a series of indicators of modern slavery such as the use of protective clothing and if they are living on site.

The results from June to December 2018 have been collated and analysed by the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab. Their analysis has shown us that in nearly half of reports, or 48%, workers did not have access to suitable protective clothing such as gloves or boots.

A large majority of responses, 80%, said that the car wash had a cash only policy. Nearly one in 10, or 8%, of reports logged that minors were working on site, and 17% of users identified fearful workers.

During this period, the Modern Slavery Helpline received 335 calls about modern slavery in hand car washes, though not all will be directly attributable to the Safe Car Wash App.

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