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English Español Trucker strike running Portugal dry ends

The main trucker association in Portugal has reached an agreement with its employers to end the four-day long strike.

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Portugal’s goverment has announced the end of the fuel trucker strike that had left over one thousand petrol stations without fuel this week, reports 20 Minutos

Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos said in a press conference on Thursday that the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers had reached an agreement with their employers.

Fuel supply at petrol stations will return to normality in a gradual manner, according to Nuno Santos.

On Wednesday, the government had to declare state of emergency and deploy the army to ensure key sectors such as hospitals, police and firefighters didn’t run out of fuel.

By noon on Wednesday, more than 2,700 sites of the 3,068 available in Portugal suffered shortages of petrol, diesel or both.

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