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English Español New Zealand: Waitomo Group opens new site in Wellington

This is the first Wellington low-cost fuel station, which will bring price competition to the region’s market.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Waitomo Group opened its first Wellington station in Upper Hutt this week, reports The Driven. As the only low-cost fuel provider to enter Wellington’s market to date, this site will bring price competition to the Wellington region.

The site will serve retail and commercial customers round-the-clock.

Waitomo Group will open by mid-July a second Wellington fuel stop in Waitomo Tinakori, as part of the companty’s national expansion plan.

The lack of a low cost provider to compete with the large retail chains that were operating in the area made Wellington pay higher fuel prices than the rest of the country.

"From the huge response we've had, you can tell what this means to Upper Hutt motorists. Not bad for a small Waikato third-generation family business to be Wellington's petrol price disruption," said Waitomo managing director, Jimmy Ormsby.

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