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English Español Australia: Caltex to potentially rollout EV charging stations

With a partial transition to electric vehicle expected to take off in the country in the next years, the fuel giant is looking to position itself in this growing segment.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Australian Caltex is looking to position itself in the electric vehicle segment as a provider of EV charging infrastructure. The fuel giant is currently be reaching out to potential partners to develop an EV charging station trial in Australia, reports The Driven.

Caltex CEO Julian Segal confirmed to the AFR that the company is planning a trial rollout of EV charging stations as transition to electric-powered vehicles is skyrocketing worldwide and it is also expected to take off in Australia over the next few years.

Although the uptake of EVs in Australia has been slower compared to other Western countries, according to Caltex, Segal believes the company needs to respond to customers’s changing needs. “It is time for us [Caltex] to start piloting [electric car charging stations] and making sure that the experience of our customer is the best possible," he said.

Caltex would also be betting on the future of other alternative fuels, such as natural gas, hydrogen and biofuels.

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