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English Español Canada: New CNG fuelling station in Ontario underway

The CNG cardlock station will include four fast-fill lanes for heavy-duty vehicles and 2 dedicated lanes for fuelling large capacity trailers.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Envoy Energy Fuels and Truk-King have started the construction of a public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Fort Erie, Ontario. The CNG cardlock station will include four fast-fill lanes for heavy-duty vehicles and 2 dedicated lanes for filling large capacity tube trailers for Envoy Energy's mobile CNG refuelling operations.

The station, located along Ontario's QEW highway and just minutes from the U.S.-Canada Peace Bridge border, has the capacity to fuel Class-8 trucks in approximately 5 minutes and over 200 trucks each day. The opening of the station is planned for April 2019.

Truk-King was the first third-party carrier fleet in Ontario to adopt CNG when they switched one third of their fleet to CNG in early 2018 and plans to have its entire fleet of Class-8 trucks running on natural gas by the end of 2019.The station will provide Truk-King access to a reliable source of CNG fuel while removing emissions control issues with diesel engines and reducing their fuel costs and overall carbon footprint.

"Transitioning my fleet to CNG positively impacted my bottom line by significantly reducing my operating cost per mile in comparison to diesel", said Rick Bacon, President of Truk-King Logistics.

"I am thrilled that we are able to help Truk-King solve their problems with fuel costs and diesel emissions. Compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel is currently the only commercially viable alternative fuel for Class-8 trucks", said James Ro, President of Envoy Energy.

When completed, the CNG fuelling station will be strategically located for heavy duty trucks along major shipping corridors while providing easy-access and fast-fill capabilities for use by third-party fleets. The collaborative team members for this station includes ComTech Energy, Enbridge Gas Inc. and Natural Resources Canada.

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