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English Español OMV and Porsche Holding partner to boost CNG fuelling

The Austrian oil company will invest up to EUR 10 million in upgrades of its network while offering free CNG fuelling for new Volkswagen Group cars.

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OMV is investing up to EUR 10 million in the CNG network, with plans to upgrade the existing dispensers and expand the network on the basis of customer needs.

The IEA World Energy Outlook 2018 “New Policy Scenario” forecasts a sharp growth for the global gas market. A surge in demand for gas of up to 43% is expected by 2040.

A comprehensive network of 160 CNG filling stations (of which 54 OMV) in Austria, fast fuelling times, running-cost reductions of up to 50% and a wide range of models are all adding to the appeal of CNG vehicles, according to an OMV press release.

Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of Porsche Holding Salzburg and Rainer Seele, OMV Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, gave a joint press conference at the OMV headquarter in which they focused on the role gas can play in our future energy, as well as the significance of CNG for mobility.

“In the mobility sector, the use of gas is a clear choice for cutting CO2 nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions, as well as providing numerous other benefits for our customers,” according to Rainer Seele, OMV Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO.

Together, OMV and Porsche Holding are offering a special deal for those considering a CNG vehicle: if you buy a CNG model under one of the Volkswagen brands VW, Audi, SEAT or Skoda, you can fill up with CNG for free at OMV filling stations for your entire first year.

“The immediate availability has made CNG into a crucial building block of the Volkswagen Group's overall strategy for the environmental mobility of the future,” Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of Porsche Holding Salzburg.

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