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Scheidt & Bachmann presents innovative solutions for the forecourt of the future with SIQMA solutions

At Scheidt & Bachmann we seek to improve the customer journey at fuel retail sites with our SIQMA solutions. Besides attractive offers, an optimized time spent on site is key to a positive customer experience. We are sure the forecourt of the future is prepared for several options to spend your time there. What should be considered for any service on site is that the waiting time for the customer has to be as short as possible. We are already working on many solutions that will reduce the time for checkout to a minimum.

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The future starts today with SIQMA cloud-solutions

Moreover we believe that the future has already started. With SIQMA POS for example we have enhanced several workflows and many functions have been automated so that the cashier is supported the best way. Modern payment methods like contactless or mobile payment are integrated in the system to speed the payment process up. We are proud to be supplier of a leading edge cloud- and browser-based solution in the fuel retail industry. We have successfully launched the world’s first hardware agnostic and browser-based POS system with full backend integration. It is a perfect fit for modern fuel retail sites. The future starts today and it is up to you to choose on which device you want to run your systems.

SIQMA Cloud BOS is also brought to you as a cloud-based solution running in the webbrowser. This gives any operator the highest flexibility to work wherever it suits best. Backup via our cloud-systems ensures that data is available anywhere and anytime you need it.

SIQMA CRID is the right solution for all petrol station operators who want to offer their customers a fast lane or round-the-clock service. The convenient self-checkout device for payment at the pump is completely browser-based and running on Linux. All data is controlled centrally and distributed to the devices via the cloud.

Mobile Payment is kicking off

In order to reduce the time that is need for checking out we offer additional solutions that will greatly add to a positive customer experience at your sites. Mobile payment is growing international with many retailers. Customers will also expect to pay with their mobile phone at a fuel retail site in near future. With SIQMA Fuel & Go your customers can pay conveniently for fuel directly in the forecourt with their smartphone. For us this is only the first step. Taking SIQMA Fuel & Go as the basis it will also be possible to pay directly at the carwash or even for shop purchases as a self-checkout solution in the future.

Smart checkout for fast shoppers

Smart checkout solutions will have greater impact to the customer journey on site. With SIQMA connect we are able to integrate smart checkout terminals in the POS system facilitating self-checkout of shop articles and even fuel. On the basis of AI, promotion campaigns can be run even more purposefully than ever before. A first use-case has been shown during the latest trade fair.

To discuss your vision of the forecourt of the future and additional ideas of how our SIQMA solutions can add benefit to the customer journey at your sites we are looking forward to get in touch!

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