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English Español ESSO is strengthening its position in Belgium with 51 new sites

Belgium petrol station operator MAES will rebrand 51 Octa + sites to ESSO as part of their brand consolidation strategy.

Last update:

MAES Energy & Mobility (MAES) is investing again in its collaboration with ExxonMobil (ESSO) and will in the course of this year rebrand 51 Octa + stations and add them to the ESSO network.

This brings the counter to 126 ESSO stations that will be operated by MAES in Belgium, almost doubling its current ESSO network. With this, MAES strengthens its strong position in Flanders and takes the first steps on Walloon and Brussels territory.

In 2013, MAES and ESSO joined forces for the first time with the acquisition of more than 30 ESSO gas stations in Flanders.

ExxonMobil opted for a new strategic business model in the Benelux six years ago and sold its ESSO network to independent brand distributors, including MAES, with the aim of further optimizing the management of the network.

“This agreement is the result of a strong partnership to keep our ESSO brand attractive and competitive, so that we as ESSO, together with our Branded Wholesalers, continue to play an important role in the Belgian retail market in the long term and thereby strengthen our positions,” says Eric De Vreese, BNL Retail Sales Manager at ExxonMobil.

MAES is a 100% Belgian company with a stable family shareholding. In 2018, the consolidated turnover amounted to 575 million euros. 

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