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Digitally connected, because every coffee counts

Franke Digital Services optimizes coffee sales processes thanks to real-time monitoring and remote management of coffee machine fleets.

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It has to go fast... when filling up, when paying and when taking your coffee with you on the go. When buying coffee at the gas station, long waiting times are just as frowned upon as at the gas pump. Particularly during peak hours in the morning and afternoon, missing beans in the machine or incorrectly controlled cleaning cycles, which put the machine out of operation for some time, are scenarios that no operator likes to experience. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the complete networking of coffee machines, operators can optimize their processes at points of sale with the help of intelligent technology from Franke Coffee Systems. Digital monitoring and management of the coffee machines improve the in-cup-quality as well as ensures hassle-free and more economical operations. For full flexibility, data can be retrieved at any time on a smartphone or PC. In addition, the web-based tool can be flexibly adapted to customer needs.

Small improvements add up to big success

With Digital Services Franke Coffee Systems provides its customers with a tool that – thanks to data flow and, above all, its insights – demonstrates a great deal of potential for optimization and savings. It goes without saying that this does not compromise the beverage quality in the cup.

The LANDI Sursee petrol station shops in Switzerland is a clear example of how successful this approach can be. They introduced Franke Digital Services a couple of months ago and already have significant results:  "Since the commissioning of the new A800 fully automatic machines equipped with Franke Digital Services, coffee sales have increased by 16.5%", explains Thomas Bolliger, member of the management board of LANDI Sursee.

Thanks to real-time consumption analyses, LANDI Sursee was able to adapt its coffee offering according to drink performance by actively promoting bestsellers, for example. Staff was instructed to run cleaning cycles in periods of low sales, which substantially improved operating procedures. The amount of beans used over a single month in all branches was a good indicator of the coffee demand. Projected consumption levels were used as a basis for purchasing coffee for a longer period in advance, saving money and resources, and like many other minor improvements, contributing to sales success. "The investment in Franke Digital Services has allowed us to manage our coffee range more efficiently and even to improve on our already high quality standards, as well as enabling us to optimize our operational reliability across our network of convenience stores and retail points," adds Thomas Bolliger.

Satisfied customers thanks to faster processes

By capturing and evaluating coffee machine and consumption data, the range of coffee on offer at each store can be individually adapted for best results. Whether that means monitoring the brewing temperature and extraction time in order to ensure perfect coffee quality, or scheduling cleaning cycles so that they are carried out in times when demand is low – all of these small process improvements lead to significant cost savings and better, more customer-oriented service. When making use of the precise evaluation of the data from each store, personnel and stock level planning can also be optimized, as every coffee sold counts.

For the operator, digital innovation ultimately means not only real-time insights for each coffee machine, but also satisfied customers thanks to better coffee quality and thus more sales due to optimized offerings and improved service.

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