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Passport X: Connecting the forecourt of the future

Passport® X by Orpak – a Gilbarco Veeder-Root company – is an investment in fuel retailers’ innovation potential with a complete convenience store and retail fuel station management solution that keeps you ahead of the curve for years to come.

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While consumers are increasingly looking for fast, frictionless service, fuel retailers are seeking to leverage their convenient locations and drive up sales and customer engagement, leading to an inherent conflict between the needs of the retailers and consumers. However, fuel retailers will be able to use existing advanced technology to embrace the omnichannel retail trend, enabling consumers to shop for fuel, services and c-store items from wherever they are, while still increasing customer interaction. Passport X is the powerful platform that enables this future for fuel retailers.

In the forecourt of the future, retailers offer seamless refueling that reduces delay; customers make multi-touchpoint purchases both in the c-store and forecourt; attendants authorize pumps remotely from across the isle; and fuel station owners and executives supervise every aspect of the forecourt for maximum efficiency. It’s a vision of the future, and Passport X has brought it to the present.

The Complete C-store and Retail Fuel Station Management Platform

Passport X is Orpak’s complete convenience store and retail fuel station management solution. The Passport X engine includes customizable POS software, state-of-the-art cloud-based Back Office and Head Office solutions (BOS and HOS) that fully integrate with card management and loyalty programs. By streamlining communication between all components, Passport X facilitates an environment where everyone is involved, from managers to staff, with the most advanced retail tools available to maximize revenues, profitability, and total customer experience.

Passport X uses hybrid technology to connect fuel station businesses to the cloud, while providing the reliability of local network-based functionality for key customer-facing operations. So even with unreliable Internet connectivity, there is never a chance of losing a sale. Passport X is protected by advanced security features, is built for PCI DSS compliance for secure payments, has undergone heavy penetration testing for maximum perimeter security, and incorporates a highly secure wireless network.

Passport X Presents Streamlined, Omnichannel Fuel Stations

Connect every POS

Passport X serves as a single integrated engine that can run any type of POS – mobile POS (mPOS), in-store POS, web POS, and more. With Passport X, you can manage the entire station from a smartphone or tablet, freeing up attendants’ time to offer other goods and services.

Omnichannel Sales

Passport X is purpose-built for the future of omnichannel commerce: imagine a consumer about to head home from work. They start a purchase online on their desktop. On route, they can add more goods via the mobile app or in-car entertainment system. Once they arrive at the forecourt, the customer can spontaneously add more items, pick up the items they already ordered, and add their final fuel purchase. This all-in-one transaction can be paid right from their mobile phone, or by handing cash to the attendant. They can even use loyalty program points, coupons, and vouchers on their mobile phone in the same transaction.

Passport X allows customers to interact with fuel stations seamlessly across multiple touchpoints, making it easy for fuel station owners to introduce emerging, cutting-edge forecourt and c-store offerings. With Passport X, you are perfectly placed to add services like last-mile package delivery, self-service forecourts, mobile payments, and other innovations.

Run a More Efficient Forecourt

While fuel retailers are delighting consumers with a new experience, they also benefit from a more efficient forecourt. Everything happening in the fuel station and c-store is visible and manageable from their POS, whether it’s a tablet held by an attendant, or a full POS inside the c-store. Attendants will be able to open and close pumps, authorize services, and approve and process final payment, all from the mPOS handheld terminal, forecourt web POS, or dispenser’s OPT/screen. Having access to forecourt data at a glance – such as fuel levels, nozzle flow rates –lets fuel stations avoid bottlenecks and process more customers in the same timeframe.

In addition, with Passport X’s robust HOS, fuel executives can follow every activity on every forecourt from afar, to ensure control and efficiency even when they are not physically present.

Passport X Powers the Stations of the Future

The future’s fuel stations may not look anything like what we are used to today, and with Passport X, fuel station owners are ready to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges head on.

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