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FLS Finland introduces HOST cloud platform for fuel stations

FLS Finland is introducing a novel HOST cloud platform for fuel stations. The service is a completely cloud-based monitoring tool of FLS price displays for fuel station owners, operators or service companies.

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FLS Finland introduces HOST cloud platform for fuel stations
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HOST cloud automatically monitors the condition of the price displays and provides you with failure alerts, reports and information about functionality of the LED price display system. HOST is able to report whether there is a power cut, failure with the LEDs or some kind of communication problem taking place. As there can be several reasons why maintenance is needed at the station, HOST provides an excellent tool helping to diagnose failures.

Often the stations can be located far away from the maintenance company or otherwise in a remote place. HOST cloud diagnostics allow the maintenance company to check what is causing the problem at the station and then send the correct maintenance personnel to the station and equip them with the correct spare parts. HOST helps making huge cost savings avoiding unnecessary diagnostic visits at the stations whilst at the same time it ensures that your price displays are performing perfectly.

All stations will appear in one dashboard view in the HOST which is extremely easy and clear to use. HOST shows all necessary information about each station including the address of the fuel station, product specific information (type and amount of LED price displays, software versions), connection type as well as the contact details of the station.

As FLS recognizes the increasing trend towards remote monitoring of fuel stations in general, HOST cloud offers open API for integrations with other similar solutions so that station operator or maintenance company can centralize all information to a single solution.

HOST cloud platform:

  • Remote control of price displays
  • Remote monitoring of price lines, communications and cash system
  • Automatic alerts in case of failure
  • High quality brand image and elimination of unnecessary service visits
  • Statistics for preventative maintenance
  • Open interfaces for integration

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