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Data is now live, visible and automated. Are you ready for it?

When it comes to forecourts, there are two key numbers that contribute to profit from fuel - volume and margin.

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These numbers feed into accounts and reporting suites, often with risky and static manual entry and no visibility on what is happening across multiple sites right now. Often, by the time this data is in a format to provide valuable insight, it is too late to change anything and businesses are left chasing budget.

There is also an issue with accessibility. It is not uncommon for data to sit in one place in a large business, making it difficult to make decisions on the spot from anywhere in the world.

This is changing. Secure, remote connections to sources of data such as PoS (point of sale), BoS (back office solutions), cost prices and wet stock managers allow for a live flow of data to make decisions based on what is happening today and even what is going to happen tomorrow, accessible on any device from anywhere in the world.

This is where EdgePetrol is changing the way forecourts are being managed. Volumes are live and can be grouped by portfolio, supplier, location, performance or even price vs local competition.

Margins are accurate - weighted and blended based on all the fuel that is currently in the tanks- and allow for reporting by exception. In other words, showing the user only the sites that need action.

EdgePetrol also forecasts both margins and volumes. This means that you can see what tomorrow’s margin will be, based on tomorrow’s blend in the tanks and how your price changes will impact upon that margin. Having this foresight allows for a better decision today.

This live and automated data across portfolios is helping businesses to drive better decision making and make positive impacts on their profits. Some Edge customers are increasing profit from fuel by 18%. 

So how do you decide whether live and automated data visibility could be right for you?

  1. Investment

If you have been through or are going through a process of investing in automation (such as automatic tank gauges) it is worth considering how you will use the new sources of data available to you. These often come at a hefty cost and if only used to monitor and de-risk wetstock, often have very little tangible payback.

By connecting to a system like EdgePetrol, you can get a large return on this investment and justify the CAPEX spend, hugely shortening the payback period.

If you are not investing in new equipment, you may suffer from having multiple versions or providers, making if difficult to make sense of all the available data. EdgePetrol is able to connect to multiple data sources and bring everything into one simple screen in real time.

  1. Growth

If you are investing in purchasing more forecourts, it can take a while to get up to speed with elasticity and to work out the best ways to make the maximum return on your investment. How does the new asset compare to that within your existing portfolio and what impact are your decisions having on it?

Spotting comparable sites with EdgePetrol is easy, as the software allow you to group by key metrics as they happen. This makes it a lot easier to replicate the good work you are doing elsewhere in less familiar territory.

More sites also means more data to manage. No business is driving for more spreadsheets or emails, so having one source of truth throughout the business allows for growth to be seamless and more manageable.

  1. Market

Many markets around the world are regulated, leaving little breathing room for profitability outside of supply chain efficiency. As this changes and more markets become liberalized, businesses are able to be more flexible with how and where they choose to drive volumes and margin.

Even in regulated markets, you need to make sure your sites are meeting regulations to avoid strict penalties.

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