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MADIC group presents its vision of the mobility of tomorrow

MADIC group is the real international challenger in the fields of energy and automotive environment, unattended payments and datalisation of customer journey. It is presented as a designer & precursor of the station of the future.

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MADIC group's vision : Places serving people

We operate in commercial trading environments where mobility is accelerating and social and cultural behaviour is changing. In these spaces where management must be facilitated, secured and enchanted, we want to put the human being back at the centre and enhance its role.

For nearly 50 years, we have designed and developed intelligent, reliable and secure solutions that enable our partners to improve their customer relations and promote their products under optimal conditions.

The MADIC group is made up of about fifteen companies, each one expert in their field and which bring their know-how to design the station of tomorrow.

The station of tomorrow by MADIC group

Designing new services and developing technological solutions for users, employees and service station operators has always been a priority for MADIC group.

"The station of tomorrow must offer a new perception of energy and adapt to new ecological and economic awareness"
Christian Blossier, founder and president of the MADIC group.

With our expertise’s complementarity, we design:

  • Multi-energy recharging, combined with our installation, maintenance and control services, adapted to each device (fuels: oil, electricity, CNG, hydrogen, biofuels, etc.)
  • A variety of payment methods to meet new uses (contact and contactless bank cards, smartphones, biometrics,...)
  • A connected and digital station that will ensure the optimization of the customer journey and ease of use and travel (autonomy, customer recognition, customization of the offer,...)

The user experience is at the heart of our research. Tomorrow's mobility must be for people, and value creation must come from both devices and associated services. The station of tomorrow meets concrete needs and eliminates the inconveniences of today's station. It is a welcoming place to live, conducive to exchanges, where it is good to breathe and have fun.

The station of tomorrow is a lever for the surrounding businesses:

  • The customer is guided to other services: the shop, a catering area,...
  • On the spot with facilitating services offered: free wifi, collection of parcels, drive,...

MADIC group's solutions for the station of tomorrow

These developments require management systems (POS, BOS, HEAD OFFICE and interfaces), allowing the station to be digitized with a single database and highly secure scalable cloud applications.

Our subsidiaries are already offering solutions for tomorrow's resort today:

  • The global service (studies, construction, full maintenance and inspections) by MADIC
  • Storage, distribution, payment & management equipment for multi-energies by LAFON
  • Ultra-secure payment by GLOBALCOM
  • Multi-activity cloud management systems with the Evolution by TLM suite
  • Digitalization of the customer journey with High View 3 by MIRANE

Together, MADIC group’s companies actively participate in the mobility of tomorrow.

To learn more about us: MADIC Supplier profile, MADIC website.

While our brand new website is under construction, please do not hesitate to call us or send a direct contact request – see the contact details on the right.

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