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English Español Mexico: Wasconblue opens first flag fuel station

Wasconblue's goal is to launch in the next few months 50 more gas stations under its flag throughout the country.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

The Mexican company Wasconblue opened its first service station in Mexico this week. The new gas station is located in the state of Morelos.

Wasconblue has announced that it seeks to position itself in the domestic fuel market, estimated at $440 million dollars. Given the high number of competitors, the company will provide exclusive benefits for both its franchisees and its customers.

"This is the first station of 50 to open in the country in the coming months. We offer a new quality option for motorists looking for better fuels with higher performance and less damage to the engine," said Enrique Olivera Melo, CEO of Wasconblue.

Wasconblue customers will be able to refuel Wasconblue fuel, improved with BluePower, which offers up to 10% more performance and lower cost than the average fuel price in the Mexican market, according to Olivera Melo.

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